Magic Girl Mecha

There’s a common troupe in any magic girl transformation or ranger team up where all the characters coordinate seamlessly into one super entity.
With Magic Girl Mecha, so can you!

When the proximity alarm goes off, two of earth’s best pilots must fly the magic girl mecha into space to stop the threat.
This unique co-op, allows players to each control one half of the robot. By extending their arms and legs, they can shoot at and navigate around asteroids, eventually arriving towards the greater threat.


The players interact with the game by putting on wrist and ankle bands with embedded LEDs. The LEDs are tracked by an webcam and openCV application which passes positional data over to Unity via OSC.
On this team, I designed the backgrounds in Photoshop and Illustrator, helped program the user interactions in Unity, and made the documentation videos.

This game will be featured at the BabyCastles “Cool Down” Game Expo from December 8th to the 15th,  in NYC.

Team Members: Seung Ho, Andrew Cotter and Taeyeon Kim.

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