Welcome to the Secret Realm of the Sootballs.

What happens to the sootballs when they leave the boiler room? You are a sootball who neglected to get food during lunchtime. Your main objective? Gather the food your greedy friends left behind, but beware, they aren’t afraid to fight you for it!


  • Sootballs is a 2d platformer inspired heavily by the work of Hayao Miyazaki’s “Spirited Away.”
  • Sootballs is a fan-made game, and the music and image of the sootballs belongs to Ghibli studios and their affiliates.

Level Design:




Game Mechanics:

  • Player Arrow Key Movement (Up, Down, Left, Right, Spacebar)
    • Can Hop, Walk, and Fly using Double Jump(up+up), and will remain suspended for 4 seconds.
    • Can be Harmed by Enemies
    • Health Points/HP = 100
  • Enemies: Flyballs
    • Non-Player Character, Can Fly and Hover
    •  Cannot be Harmed by Player
    • Harms the Player by Dropping Down on them, and with any Physical Contact
    • Can be Bumped away by the Player in order to get hard to reach food, at the cost of HP
  • Points: Food Pellets
    • Pick Ups, Displayed at the top left corner
    • (Green: 1, Yellow: 3, Pink: 5, White: 10)
    • Must gather specific amount of points before Level Up.
  • Health: 100 HP,
    • Can be lost but not regained
    • Loses 10 HP per enemy hit.
    • Displayed at the top left corner

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