Recurrent is an interactive tablet story game currently in development. Recurrent is an interactive story game about three lost souls at the mercy of a sinister girl, and her otherworldly Playground. 

At it’s core, it is about finding comfort and security in your own identity. It is important to me because accepting who you are, and coming to love that person is crucial to success and happiness.


The game does not promise happiness, likely, it will make you feel quite the opposite, but it does explore a story of three marginalized members of society. This game is for people who feel disenfranchised and unrepresented by gaming and interactive spaces, and it seeks to provide representation for those people, as well as provide a hopeful message about overcoming personal obstacles.  

Story Synopsis:

The main conflict centers around a little girl who has trouble fitting in at school and suddenly goes missing. Her teacher and babysitter go to find her, and get sucked into the world she’s fallen into. Together, they must unite to get back, or risk being a shadow girl’s playmates, forever.  

  • The user interacts with the story through the eyes of the three characters:
  • “First” the missing little girl.
  • “Second,” her 2nd grade teacher.
  • And “Third,”  her troublemaking babysitter on his third strike at home.

Each character struggles with an aspect of their identity.  The story unpacks each individual’s problems to ultimately send a message about finding community and acceptance for one’s self in unlikely places.



The game was designed with the intent that “non-gamers” could easily play the game, eliminating the barrier for entry. No need for FPS (First Person Shooter) reflexes, or the dexterity of a Shmup, Rhythm game, etc (Though those are super fun). The game’s controls have been simplified, and the difficulty of each level is purely puzzle-based.

PC CONTROLS: Right and Left Arrow Keys, Mouse Click and Mouse Drag

Tablet CONTROLS: Right and Left Arrow Icons, Tapping Objects, Dragging Objects

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 1.40.02 AM

The Characters are intended to look familiar and yet slightly off, whether it is their hair color, their clothing choice, or their features. Each character is socially an “other” for some reason, and so they juxtapose their environment unless standing with each other.

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 1.44.19 AM

There are three main environments. Majority of the gameplay takes place in the Playground, the underworld in which “Zero” resides.

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 1.40.09 AM

Cutscenes are used to also help story along, and help cut down on the amount of text needed.

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 1.40.24 AM

Currently in development using Unity Engine, expected build is Summer of 2018.

This is my Design and Technology MFA Thesis, and a solo project.


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