Redesigned: Board, Cards, Look & Feel

So, this week I worked on changing the look and feel of my game. While the art is not likely to make it to the commercial version, it is important for easy playability to have a cleaner version.

So far here are the iterations. This is going to be the final version for my class, but is only the fourth generation of changes since original concept. Fun right?

CONCEPT: Character Cards

Five person female team, Orc Women, Spacescreen-shot-2016-11-15-at-3-57-23-pm


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First Gen


2nd Gen


2nd Gen Card Back

cards back-01.png

4th Gen

Character cards.png

4th Gen Back

GEN4 card back.png

If you’ll notice, each girl now has a symbol on the back of her card. These touches are not merely decorative. They are used as physical pieces on the board to determine initiative after rolling (aka, who goes in what order during a conflict.)

In addition, each Rune (which is an actual Norse rune) correlates to the character, and has a meaning that speaks more about who they are, and what they stand for/suffer from. (As this game is still a social commentary)



My issue with the board was functionality. At first it was intended to be a proximity board. Your character can only move on squares that share their color. Then it became more of a map in 2nd Gen, which pointed out level of difficulty in the world as opposed to functioning in any way, finally I came to the last iteration, which basically made the board useful as a dungeon devise.

First Gen

(Players can only move on the square that corresponds to their planet)


2nd Gen

(A map of the level of difficulty with players seeking to make it back to the Green planet of Rica from the Red planet of Raa.

Artboard 1.png

4th Gen: Full completed board

-On-boarding for Reconnaissance, Dungeon Paths, Final Boss Lair.

-Runes for turn based encounter markers, tokens for health counters


And you can also see that the story booklet and game documentation got an upgrade. We now have a lovely “Five!” Crest, which I collaborated with Anthony Kellaher to design.





Terra Cards

1st Gen


Planets Back


(Since the planets are intended to be hidden, thus making the terra or world selection a bit more exciting. (Unless you wanna cheat and just pick the world you know to be easiest or hardest.)



Sensua the Succubus (1st villain of Maru, Boss in “The Cycle”)

and Minions

Gen 1

evil cards back-01.png

Gen 3


incubus card.png

Gen 1

“Five!: Journey to the Truth” Poster

Five poster.png

So there you have it folks! That game is looking up! My next iteration is perfect the art using a custom style, and start extending the other worlds of the Sult Galaxy.


(Art by Angie Guevara)

My next mission is to redesign the cards with more stylistic art that matches the overall feel of the game, but still harkens to the essence of what I found when doing my precedents and working with the original art of the characters. (That was prefabricated for noncommercial use).

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Update 3/13/2017

D4TC: Xenofeminism

I notice that the word “feminism” is often regarded with the same kind of discomfort that people feel when “Black Lives Matter” or “sexual misconduct” make people perk up and at the same time settle deep within themselves lest they become an aggressor or freedom fighter of the cause. It seems that whenever an individual group attempts to bring attention to themselves, they are immediately set aside as an other, stereotyped, and isolated. Perhaps it is because in shedding the light of the misfortunate, the “have nots” you draw attention to the “haves” who are most commonly White Anglo-Saxon Protestants. There is a palpable guilt surrounded with having, and that in its own way can form as a separation. It is for this very reason that Xenofeminism is so potent.

When feminism, equal rights for women was first introduced, the feminine was immediately deemed to be female. With Xenofeminism we see a feminism that transcends sex, and goes straight to the issue of gender and gender roles. Equal rights no longer means equal wages. Equal rights now mean a woman being able to be strong, and a man being able to cry in public, both without being ridiculed. There are so many bad byproducts from a lack of feminism that don’t just effect women. And when we see a community where men and women thrive on mutual respect, it is a beautiful thing.

In Mastery of Non-Mastery, the Kobane women who fight for their freedom are soldiers. They can be commanders, they can work alongside men without fear that ego will get in the way. Is is unfortunate that terrorism and threat of death can create such a place. After all, are we all not equal once our survival is at stake?




Currently I am creating a series called, “Gurlz,” in which I take photographs of my female friendships, and paint over them to evoke a feeling of their personalities and inner strength. I plan to make ten portraits in total.