Final Character Redesign!

The Five have been redesigned by the talented Angie Guevara.

I’m excited to reveal my newly designed characters!

cards 2017


Sabwa of Holt: The Zealot


Jez of Maru: The Arcana


Mam of Gashia: The Obeah


Sapphire of Raa: The Beserker


Welf of Rica: The Radical


Redesigned Villains coming soon!







Redesigned: Board, Cards, Look & Feel

So, this week I worked on changing the look and feel of my game. While the art is not likely to make it to the commercial version, it is important for easy playability to have a cleaner version.

So far here are the iterations. This is going to be the final version for my class, but is only the fourth generation of changes since original concept. Fun right?

CONCEPT: Character Cards

Five person female team, Orc Women, Spacescreen-shot-2016-11-15-at-3-57-23-pm


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First Gen


2nd Gen


2nd Gen Card Back

cards back-01.png

4th Gen

Character cards.png

4th Gen Back

GEN4 card back.png

If you’ll notice, each girl now has a symbol on the back of her card. These touches are not merely decorative. They are used as physical pieces on the board to determine initiative after rolling (aka, who goes in what order during a conflict.)

In addition, each Rune (which is an actual Norse rune) correlates to the character, and has a meaning that speaks more about who they are, and what they stand for/suffer from. (As this game is still a social commentary)



My issue with the board was functionality. At first it was intended to be a proximity board. Your character can only move on squares that share their color. Then it became more of a map in 2nd Gen, which pointed out level of difficulty in the world as opposed to functioning in any way, finally I came to the last iteration, which basically made the board useful as a dungeon devise.

First Gen

(Players can only move on the square that corresponds to their planet)


2nd Gen

(A map of the level of difficulty with players seeking to make it back to the Green planet of Rica from the Red planet of Raa.

Artboard 1.png

4th Gen: Full completed board

-On-boarding for Reconnaissance, Dungeon Paths, Final Boss Lair.

-Runes for turn based encounter markers, tokens for health counters


And you can also see that the story booklet and game documentation got an upgrade. We now have a lovely “Five!” Crest, which I collaborated with Anthony Kellaher to design.





Terra Cards

1st Gen


Planets Back


(Since the planets are intended to be hidden, thus making the terra or world selection a bit more exciting. (Unless you wanna cheat and just pick the world you know to be easiest or hardest.)



Sensua the Succubus (1st villain of Maru, Boss in “The Cycle”)

and Minions

Gen 1

evil cards back-01.png

Gen 3


incubus card.png

Gen 1

“Five!: Journey to the Truth” Poster

Five poster.png

So there you have it folks! That game is looking up! My next iteration is perfect the art using a custom style, and start extending the other worlds of the Sult Galaxy.


(Art by Angie Guevara)

My next mission is to redesign the cards with more stylistic art that matches the overall feel of the game, but still harkens to the essence of what I found when doing my precedents and working with the original art of the characters. (That was prefabricated for noncommercial use).

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Update 3/13/2017

Inner City

An html based text adventure game that explores the minute decisions of a woman in New York City.

Here is the Inner City trailer.

Inner City from Sydney Adams on Vimeo.

Music Credit: “Who Are You” by C2C ft. Olivier Daysoul

(All music rights go to C2C and Olivier Daysoul)

The playable FULL version will be available free by Dec 25th with extended storylines, and likely hosted on Github.


Ai Japan: The Japan Saga


So, for longer than I can admit without sounding insane, I have admired Japanese culture. It’s been my dream to go to Japan one day, and recently that dream came true.

I wrote a rather idealized version of what my time would be like and added a smattering of angst to create a short story I affectionately named “Fuk-u-oka.”  If you didn’t get the pun, I went to Fukuoka, Japan.

I know what you’re thinking, Ghibli, Pokemon, and Maid Cafes. I didn’t go to Studio Ghibli (despite being obsessed), I didn’t go to the Pokemon Village or Harajuku. Instead I stayed in the humble Fukuoka prefecture, which is located in the Kyushu.

fukuoka japan

For a person seasoned in knowledge of the major cities like Kyoto, Tokyo, or Osaka, it is essentially in the middle of nowhere. It is closer to Seoul, Korea than Tokyo, and it takes an hour and 40 minutes by plane to get to Tokyo.  I know. That’s how I got there.  I won’t complain though, I had a fantastic time and it was something of a miracle. I could have never afforded the trip on my own. Thanks to a few lucky breaks, it was practically free.

Going off the beaten path gave me a unique vision into what “real” Japan looks like, what real students and people see, what it’s like without a huge tourist twist. Not saying that Fukuoka doesn’t have it’s tourism, the main city Tenjin was quite a treasure trove, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Let’s start here.


I arrive in Japan on July 6th 2014. It’s raining like crazy. Turns out we arrived at the tail end of the rainy season.

“It’s going to rain like everyday.”

I turn to the side and look at Ayumi, the girl who had been trapped at the airport, waiting for my arrival.  They planned to make one trip to drop us off at the dorm, and one trip only. Ayumi is from Australia. Her hair is long and red-tipped. I can tell she’s got a wild-streak, no pun intended.

“I don’t think it’ll rain everyday,” I say/hope.

She shrugs and we sit in the back of the car. Did I mention my airline left my luggage in Paris?

“Are we the last to arrive?”

“I think so,” she says, stifling a yawn.  “They want to take us out to dinner. You going?”


“Yeah, probably. After I rest a little.”

Twenty-six hour flight? No sweat.

I become incredibly aware of the fact that I only have two pairs of underwear an an extra shirt in my carry-on. Well, it sucks to be you doesn’t it sweetheart?

The driver is in front of me on my right, which as an America is flat out terrifying. Every time he makes a right turn I think we’re about to die. The driver is relatively zen, a calm round man with glasses, who is completely silent. It’s not because he can’t speak English though. He spoke to us before.

“How is your Japanese?”

I turn to Ayumi, her sharp eyes looking at me curiously.

“It’s alright,” I say. “I’m still a beginner so I only know the basics.”

She lets out a curse. “Well I don’t know any. That girl, Analese, she’s like fluent or something.”

I recount her texting us in Hiragana and nod. I had spent considerable time consulting my textbook and Google Translate before my patience wore thin, and I resigned myself to not knowing what she’d said.

We let out a sigh and I look out the window. The rain trickles down the box-shaped car. I stare out at a red, blue, and yellow sign, branding it into my memory. It’s written in Katakana and I can make out a few sounds. An “oo” and a “ka.”

I’m in Japan. I’m actually in Japan.

I don’t care about the rain, nor do I mind the gray sky and the fact that I don’t have clothes. For now.

For now, all is right with the world.

And for now, this world is all mine. ^_^


-End of Part 1

The Final Showcase

The Final Showcase

The dress has form.

Behold it: a cardboard, paper poetry dress. This collection of words spells out the entirety of my Creative Writing semester. There are quotes from teachers on it, some MFA grad-students, my fellow undergrads, and of course, me.

I love it, I have no idea why I chose birds, but I think I was influenced by Alexander McQueen. (Though this is of course trash is comparison to his brilliance.)

Still, you gotta love it’s Avante-garde proportions. It has deep symbolic meaning hidden behind those feathers and charcoal drawings.

Somehow, my love of writing and fashion has coincided. It is a blessed, calming feeling. Sometimes I feel so scatterbrained.

I need focus in my life.

That realization has changed me. I’m becoming a very organized person, and I revel in that, but I am so happy that my creativity remains constant.

I was afraid I would lose it’s untainted purity if I didn’t make it like I always do: out of complete and utter chaos.

It is like a whirlwind, and I can barely hold on. It is exhilarating, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

However, it is no way to work if one, like myself, wants to survive in the professional world. I’ve worked under deadlines, limitations, and word restraints, but never with my own work. It was copy-editing, revising, and researching for someone else.

Now it’s me, self-checking me. Talk about biased. Maybe I chose a bird because I’m learning so much.

Maybe I’m about to take flight.

Or…maybe, I just like to make bird dresses. Either way, it came out gorgeous.

IMAG0764 IMAG0765 IMAG0766 IMAG0767 IMAG0768 IMAG0769 IMAG0770

And remember what I said about forcing my roommate, the previously unnamed but now named, Sarah Park, into wearing it?

Well, she weaseled her way out of wearing the finished product, but I still got this.

2013-11-09 16.50.58 2013-11-09 16.51.07 2013-11-09 16.51.21


Totally. Worth it.