DOWNLOAD PDF: Sydney Adams 2019

WIZARDS OF THE COAST, Renton, WA                                                Sept 2018 – Present

Creative Text Coordinator

Collaborated on worldbuilding, exploratory, and set design teams, wrote flavor and name text for Magic card sets, and managed writing teams.

  • Restructured writing assignment process
  • Redesigned application materials for external writers
  • Consulted with creative directors on diversity initiatives
  • Managed multiple teams of 3-5 writers

R&D Game Design Intern                                                                        Jun 2018 – Aug 2018

Designed individual Magic cards to meet specific parameters and balanced designs to support gameplay mechanics. Participated in playtests, and provided constructive, reasoned, insights on multiple teams.

PARSONS SCHOOL OF DESIGN, Manhattan, NY                            Aug 2017–May 2018

Research Assistant at XRealityCenter

Spearheaded research in the AR/VR/MR realms by staying well-informed of the latest news, trends, and initiatives. Conducted statistical analyses of data sets, and prepared graphs and Excel spreadsheets to portray results. Collaborated with X-Reality development team on new and ongoing prototypes, projects, and communication strategies.

  • Created workshops for Unity, Adobe Premiere 360 Video, and AR, VR and MR basics.
  • Created a VR video using Tiltbrush and Unity for Google Cardboard.


VERIZON, NYC MEDIA LAB, New York, NY                        January 2018 – March 2018

Game Developer

Developed an educational AR game named “LIFTAR” in partnership with NYC Media Lab on a team of 5. Conceptualized the gameplay and user experience, scripted interactions and animations in Unity using Apple AR Kit and Vuforia.

  • Successfully pitched and prototypes our idea for a demo day with investors

ESCAPE GAMES, New York, NY                                                  January 2017 – July 2018

Game Master

Conducted room escape games with live users who solve physical puzzles involving sensor triggered mechanics. Redesigned the difficulty of puzzles based on user testing. Used Arduino and Raspberry Pi to create player interactions.

Collaborated on new designs to preexisting rooms