I created the soundtrack RUINS, as an audio story that takes the listener on a journey of nostalgia and acceptance of childhood landmarks being demolished.


This was created to express my feelings about the old Long Island Medford Movie theater, the Kmart being abandoned, and Blockbuster closing, Watching those buildings stand there for years like a monument, and then watching it being rebuilt and the history vanishing.

Ruins will likely be used in an upcoming project currently named, “American Ruins” exploring the idea of an era past due to radical technological growth.

(No relation to Camilo Jose Vegara…unfortunately.)

Latest SONG!

It’s a remix with a person called  Humunkulus, but I think my lyrics and voice really give it some flavor. Thinking seriously about starting Youtube channel.

Cause I gotta pay for grad school somehow am I right? And I don’t have the athleticism for stripping.




So I started using this music collaboration site called HITRECORD  under the alias Adia Wyhm, to stretch my ability to work with others and provide lyrics, vocals, or poetry to already created pieces.

It’s fun to find an aesthetic that’s not quite your style and making it your own.

Thank you Joseph Gordon-Levitt.


Please click the hitrecord underlined and check out my music! Feel free to leave comments on the site or on my site. Thanks ^_^

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First there was a website.

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