D4TC: Contraband, Internet, and a POST state

Artist/writer Zach Blas was the visiting speaker for this week, and his work involving the breakdown of social media is seen as both art and a prominent social commentary.

While I thought that line of thinking was interesting, I was more interested in his statement about constantly being a state where we try to push things back. “Postfeminism, postracial, postgender, etc”

It would seem that we are always trying to get past these things, despite the fact that they are not yet resolved.

In Baby boy, Columbia pictures/john singleton film the character Melvin, played by Ving Rhames says, “You may think you are seeing some new [stuff] out here but this ain’t nothing but a rerun to me.”

baby boy.jpg

In reality we do seem to be circling the drain with our issues and struggles.  The term “Post racial” was first used in a 1971 New York Times article titles “compact Set up for “Post-racial’ south,” which claimed that the topic of race was going to be usurped by concerns of population increase, industrial development, and economic fluctuations. Some people view interracial dating or feeling attraction for non-normative bodies to be post-sex and postracial.

gender free.jpg

Phoebe Robinson says, “Sexually desiring someone who does not share your skin tone is not some grand sign that society is becoming postracial, no matter what anymore tells you.

The truth is, people love throwing the term postracial around. Americans are so anxious to move on from the sins of our forefathers that we’re on the lookout for an and every symbol that our national nightmare of racism is over.”

I wonder when we’ll be post post. Or when we’ll just be present.






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