Sustainability: Sprite Bike?

I’ve been thinking a lot recently on how I can reduce traffic pollution, which in a city like NY seems impossible. Even so, I’m starting to think of ideas.

For my idea, I thought that in order to help ease some of the traffic in NY, the NYC Citi bikes could start a branch of bikes that were tandem bikes, bikes that can hold more than one passenger.

The idea is that you can commute with a friend to the same area on this one bike, or someone going to the same area so long as you both agree to it. I think it would be a good idea because this bike would encourage people who already travel together to use a more environmentally safe way to get to their destination, and besides a Cab, the bus, or the subway, there are no other options to accommodate people who travel with more than one person.

citibike return


I also think this would be effective because of the vast reach of citi bikes. You can pretty much find one anywhere.

I think people would enjoy riding with their friends, and it would help reduce city foot traffic.

Ignoring the poorly written English by a native English speaker, the bike would be the same basic design as classical citi bikes.







It’ll be something to explore more in the summer. For now, my Barbies love it.

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