My Runny is Toxic

My Runny is Toxic

My Runny is Toxic

Oo! You precious twenty-one year old baby.

How you amuse me with your words. Your…jive, thrive.

Your vernacular’s spectacular, sweet little thang.

I walked in, supah fine, crisp like wine, on a pair–a-legs that say I’m outta sight.

But here’s the change daddy-o.

You know how to step, you ain’t over easy.

Nay, with my groovy dips and hips I am divine, but you are the one worth precious time.

My brick house built baby, I can see a prize with these eyes. You are of the true few.

I ain’t sorry I wore heels, and you ain’t sorry you wore pants. So let’s dance, to the slip and slide of a new tide.

The beat is ours girl friend.

Let’s sing it til the end. 



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